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For all those who don't know me, here is a bit on who I am and why... for all those who already know me, here you may find something new about me that may have been overlooked.... Either way, here I am.

Here's me in a real odd state.... that could be a good word to describe me, odd. Well, I'm just a guy who doesn't worry about being 'normal' or whatever. I'm pierced and tattooed and i listen to every kind of music i can get my hands on, with the notable exception of country. Country music, in my opinion, is horrible. I don't like rap much either, but there is SOME rap music i can dig. Not so with country..... so, all you country listeners out there, fine, do what ya like, but PLEASE don't come to my tattoo studio and ask me to play any country while I'm working...

Oh yeah, that's right, I'm a tattoo artist, in case you haven't read elsewhere on this site already.... Co-owner of Ironworks Tattoo of northern Virginia. Still have a regular dayjob, but at night you'll hear me zapping away at some tract of skin making pretty pictures on somebody...

Anyway, my favorite bands include Skinny Puppy, Rush, KMFDM, Ozric Tentacles, Pop Will Eat Itself, Prodigy.... jeez, the list goes on and on and on like some psycho pink bunny.... Something about the mixture of guitars and electronics just draws me in like mad.... I also like metal, gothic stuff, techno/rave stuff.... I'm an artist by nature, probably why i got into may even eventually find a couple of my paintings on this site. Hmmm, what else?

My view: if it's not fun, it's bad. I always have to find some way to be having an interesting time no matter what i'm doing. At my dayjob i listen to the unmistakable Chemical Brothers beat the copier unleashes when stapling the copies for me... when i'm driving I'll have a smoke and flip the radio stations endlessly (why the fuck do they have so many commercials ALL the time?) and so on and so forth. Music is always a vital part of it. When i got my tongue pierced, two years ago, I was listening to Godflesh, very loud. Immediately afterward I flipped on the OLD Sublime album.... When I got my septum pierced, I was in the Bound By Design piercing/tattooing tent at the Ozzfest, and Pantera were cranking onstage as the needle went through. (I didn't even feel it!!!!) My tongue was pierced with a 10-gauge, and now i have stretched it to a big fat SIX gauge (the four-gauge barbell i have at home doesn't fit yet) and my septum, pierced with a 16, i have stretched a tiny bit to a 14. Oh yeah, I've also got a four-gauge hole in my left earlobe... With an earlet in it, you can see right through the hole!

Well, if you're not already sick of hearing about me, there's plenty more stuff around the pages, take a leisurely surf and hang around a bit!