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Welcome to my site!

Here you will find bits and pieces of my life digitized for your entertainment. Tattoos, Piercings, Music, Art, Poetry, etc, all wrapped up in a few webpages for all to see.

Go ahead and surf around a bit, you might find something you like... Hope you enjoy your visit!!!

And hey, this was the first site I ever did on my own from scratch, with the titles graciously done for me by Ms. Judy Maucieri (Thanks Judy!) and the buttons done up with the assistance of, a very helpful site for buttons and text graphics!

New Features!!

The 'Web Design' Page
I'm working on getting some images done up depicting webpages i have designed.... it's been quite fun learning the craft of web design and perhaps somebody out there would like me to design one for them, who knows?!?! Do you guys out in cyberspace like this page? Well soon you'll be able to see others I have done as well!

The 'Music' Page
Also soon to come is a bigass page about me and my music... just in case anybody's been wondering what's up since the fall of bacchus, I'll dive into the world that my guitars and electronica live in... And show you all a glimpse of my new project, ENGINE...

Recent Updates:

I'm still the proud winner of the

...thanks to LLORI from the Ta2-U site!

(Check my Links page to find her)