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street corner

hey mister could you spare a dime
shut up don't breathe don't speak that line
i've heard a million times
a mile in my eyes in glass shoes
how would you survive in the ruins
i have seen the past years
as you lived them in fear, brought you here
and still you don't recognize
                    fortunate to be alive
                         we wander...

through six thousand moons
i have paced in this room
       laced with empty space and you
       still have no respect for the elder
                                 the blind
         just pray you don't find me
         when you lie in my place
         and i am the one holding
                          the coin.

scores of very tiny men in black converging on my waiting eyelid

when will i wake up from this
and be ripped from caress
under subsonic bliss
awash in emptiness
how long till i fall away
defying vows sworn to obey
and will i reach another day
to set the stage
 shadows into light they wait
 dawn out of the night they wait for me
 barrel of the gun they wait
 surface of the sun they rape
colorblind impotence
in fading relevance
phasing out of trance
one final dance...
transcendental ecstasy
i am not what i claim to be
impersonating apathy
wish i could see
 jealous of the light they wait
 carving out the line they wait for me
 feeding on the lies they wait
 surface of the sun they hate
live it all again
begin from the end
now from sleep ascend
begin the dream again


silence, hush
no one moves
paralyzed by the cold
so shall it be done
glorious, we are one
 live tonight under liquid sky
 as the plastic cats reunite
 silent scream into my lullaby
 one by one, escape the fire
passing through translucent dreams
chill of steel to lips
seek truth, twisted lie
take my hand, abort this life
doubting of mirror man
consecrate and break
 live tonight under liquid sky
 as the plastic cats reunite
 the silent scream into lullaby
 silent scream into the fire
glassy eye, wooden heart
silken inner child's hand
inner child
inner child
live tonight, with the child of light
live tonight
 live tonight under liquid sky
 and the plastic cats redefine
 the silent scream unto my lullaby
 one by one, into the fire
 give tonight under lucid sky
 and the plastic cats redefine
 a silent scream in this lullaby
 drop by drop, waxing divine
drop by drop
one by one